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Athens, AL Sales Lot

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*The Deluxe Package includes 2 Windows, 8’ Workbench, 10’ Triple Shelves, and a Wiring Package (2 Lights, 2 Outlets, 1 Switch).

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8x12 Elite Utility
Sale Price: $2,175.00
Serial: ESUT2130812100416
Options: 2 Windows,Shutters, Flowerboxes, Elite Style Roof

8x12 Utility
Sale Price: $1,675.00
Serial: PUT2686812050817

8x12 Playhouse
Sale Price: $2,395.00
Serial: PPH2228812111116

10x12 Sidelofted Barn
Sale Price: $2,395.00
Serial: PSLB24931012031517
Options: One Window, Loft

10x20 Deluxe Lofted Barn
Sale Price: $3,540.00
Serial: PDLB27651020061917
Options: Wkbench, Shelving,  Overhead Lights, 2 Outlets, 2 Windows

10x20 Elite Series Garden Shed
Sale Price: $4,250.00
Serial: ESGS20541020080916
Options: 2 Lofts, Shelving, Elect., Lights, Shutters, Windowboxes, Oct. Window, 2 Transom Windows

12x20 Garden Shed
Sale Price: $3,990.00
Serial: PGS21701220101416
Options: 12’ Workbench, 2 Lights & Receptacles, 30’ Triple Shelves

10x20 Utility
Sale Price: $2,785.00
Serial: PUT23731020013017

12x20 Ultra Cabin
Sale Price: $5,345.00
Serial: PUC22901220122016
Options: 4’ Porch, 3 windows,
9-lite Door, Wiring, Ultra Roof

12x24 Garage
Sale Price: $4,495.00
Serial: PG23821224020617
Options: Rollup Door, Steel Door, Window

12x24 Garden Shed
Sale Price: $3,915.00
Serial: PGS23501224010917

12x32 Deluxe Cabin
Sale Price: $6,375.00
Serial: PDC23431232010217

12x32 Garden Shed
Sale Price: $4,895.00
Serial: PGS23581232011117

14x32 Garage
Sale Price: $6,345.00
Serial: G16641432080315
Options: 2 Windows, Rollup Door, Walk-in Door

12x32 Garage
Sale Price: $5,475.00
Serial: G16651232080315
Options: Window, Rollup Door, Walk-in Door

14x32 Treated Garage Building 12x32 Garage
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12x32 Lofted Garage
Sale Price: $6,085.00
Serial: LBG20041232070616
Options: Extra Window, 2 Lofts, Walk-in Door, Rollup Door

14x32 Garage
Sale Price: $6,405.00
Serial: G22781432121416
Options: 2 Windows, Rollup Door, Walk-in Door

8x12 Utility 10x20 Utility

10x20 Deluxe Lofted Barn