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Need assistance choosing a shed?
Check out our buying guide below with tips on how to choose the best shed for YOU.

1. What size shed do you need?
When deciding how big of a shed you need, consider everything you will be putting in it. Think about what kind of items will be           stored in the shed, what size the items are, how much space will they require, and remember to include extra space. In addition,           keep in mind that if you live within city limits or are part of a Home Owner’s Association, there may be restrictions on the size           allowed without obtaining a permit (customer is responsible for  any permitting required, so be sure to check!). Also, when thinking           through these things, keep in mind the fact that delivery access and building location may be an issue which will affect the building           width. See the chart below for a visual aid.

2. What style building should you choose?
Watson Barn Rentals offers 4 main shed styles: The Economy Cabin*, The Classic Dutch Barn**, The Utility Cabin, and The             Highwall Barn.                                       

*The Economy Cabin is available only in our Premium Wood Shed line.
**The Classic Dutch Barn is only available in our Quality Metal Shed line.

           The Utility Cabin is the most versatile and popular style we offer. It features the A-frame Roof style, 7’ 5” sidewalls, double doors,             and one window. It is highly customizable with the doors being able to be placed in either the end or the side as well as lofts,             windows, shelving, roll-up doors, and many additional options.

            The Economy Cabin is the economical alternative to our Standard Utility Cabin. It has shorter walls than the Standard Utility             Cabin and does not include any windows standard. It features the standard A-frame Roof style which is the most practical and             economical roof style, and it looks great in practically any setting. Doors can be placed in the end and windows and shelving
            can be added.

            The Classic Dutch Shed is our metal economy shed. Instead of the standard A-Frame roof, however, it features short walls and the             Gambrel or Barn Style Roof. This style is good if you’re looking to purchase a low profile shed that goes very easy on your budget.
            Doors can be placed in the end and windows and shelving can be added.

            The Highwall Barn features the room of a Utility Cabin with the traditional Barn Style Roof. The side walls are slightly shorter
            than the Utility to counter the added roof height. Doors can be added in the end and windows, lofts, shelving, workbenches and             more can be added anywhere in the shed. If you simply like the Barn Style roof or are trying to match other buildings on your             property, this may be the style for you.

3. What kind of siding do you want?
Watson Barn Rentals currently offers three different types of siding options for our new sheds. Painted or Stained LP Smartside             Siding, #1  40 Year Painted Metal Siding, and Premium Vinyl Siding.
            The LP Smartside is a 5/50 year premium engineered wood siding with a rich cedar grain texture that is designed to resist fungal             rot and decay, termites, de-lamination, splitting and cracking, and warping. In addition to being a premium siding, LP Smartside             can be either painted to match your house or stained with a polyurethane stain for a nice cedar stain finish. This siding is the best             option for you if you plan on insulating and finishing the interior, and is the most tightly sealed option we offer. It is also a very
            low maintenance siding.

            The painted metal siding is a 40 Year, #1, 29 gauge metal siding. It is the most economical option we offer for a shed, while still
            providing a quality built shed, and, in addition, requires very little to no maintenance. However, due to the nature of metal siding,             the shed is not as tightly sealed as our wood or vinyl buildings, not easily effectively insulated, and is more susceptible to dents and             scratches. As opposed to the LP Smartside, the color options are limited to the 17 metal colors we offer. If your budget plays a large             factor in your decision and you can handle a shed that isn’t quite as tight, consider metal siding.

            The Premium Vinyl Siding we use is Contractor’s Choice Variform Vinyl Dutch Lap Siding. This siding features .040” panel             thickness for durability as well as color-through technology which reduces the appearance of scratches. This siding is available in
            a broad range of classic colors and has the popular brushed cedar woodgrain texture, and is virtually maintenance free. If you’re
            looking for an elegant storage shed that needs to meet specific Home Owner’s Association requirements, etc. or if you’re looking
            a storage shed a step above the rest in looks, a Premium Vinyl Shed may be the option you need to go with.

4. What type of roofing material should you choose?
Watson Barn Rentals offers 3 different roofing options for our Premium Wood and Vinyl Sheds. 20 Year Standard Shingles, 35             Year Architectural Shingles, and #1 Quality, 40 Year Roofing Metal. All of our Quality Metal Sheds come standard with #1  40             Year Roofing Metal.

            The 20 Year Standard Shingles are an alternative to the Premium Metal Roofing that comes standard on all of our sheds. While,             they are more economical than Architectural Shingles, they are also more lightweight, and tend to wear out sooner. Unless you are             matching a house roof or complying with city or Home Owner’s Association requirements, we do NOT recommend Standard             Shingles as a roofing option.

            35 Year Architectural Shingles, on the other hand, are a great alternative to our standard Premium Metal Roofing, and a much             better option for roofing than Standard Shingles although there is an upcharge. Architectural Shingles are an excellent option if             you don’t like the look of a Metal Roof, but still want a high quality roof. Architectural Shingles are also heavier and more             waterproof than Standard Shingles and can raise the value of your shed in addition to being rated to resist higher wind speeds.             Choosing Architectural Shingles will also add some elegance to your shed.

            The #1  40 Year Roofing Metal is the standard option on all of our sheds. It is premium 29 gauge Roofing Metal and is the best             option if you’re looking for a roof with no maintenance. We highly recommend this option as the Roofing Metal will endure strong             winds and there are more color options available.

5. Contact Watson Barn Rentals, LLC to discuss and place your custom shed order.
Once you have decided on the size, style, siding, and roofing you’d like, give us a call at (931) 635-2249 and one of our shed experts             will be happy to discuss door and window placement, other available options, colors and more in order for you to be able to have             the shed of your dreams in your backyard.

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